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Sabertooth Golf Bunker Rakes: Product Line

Product Line

Sabertooth is the most durable bunker rake in golf. The "Classic" features a 16 inch head, 4 foot or 4 1/2 foot fiberglass handle, and super durable golf grip. For professional hand maintenance, the "Super Pro" features an extra wide 26 inch "No Ruts" head and 5 1/2 foot handle for grounds crew maintenance and is available with a 4 1/2 foot handle. The "Economy" is the best value rake in the business, with a 15 inch head, and 4 or 4 1/2 foot handle. All rakes can be ordered with an end cap, or one-hand grip. In 2011, the golf car rake with "No-Grip" handle was introduced.
Stickers saying "Leave Inside Bunker" or "Leave Outside Bunker" are free with your rake order.

    • All heads and tines are made of high impact ABS and are practically indestructible
    • The rakes are reversible for fine smoothing and can be pushed or pulled
    • Only Sabertooth offers "No Splinter" handle.