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Compare Sabertooth Bunker Rakes to the Competition :

Sabertooth Golf bunker rakes are the best bunker rakes you can buy. Our rakes work better, last longer and cost less… typically, our rakes cost $2.00 to $5.00 per rake less than the leading competition. Our rake heads are “injection” molded, which allows us to use the better quality high impact ABS plastic; consequently, there are no seams to split like the competitors’ “blow” molding manufacturing process. The design of the Sabertooth rakes is user friendly.  (Read More)

The Great Debate: Should You Ask Your Golfers To Leave the Bunker Rakes Inside or Outside of the Sand Traps?

It depends

Pro: Both the USGA and the PGA Tour recommend that you have the golfers leave the rakes outside the sand bunkers, because there are fewer rules issues. The problem is that golfers, even some of the pros, are unsure of what to do when their golf ball comes to rest against a bunker rake in the sand trap. Can the golfer move the rake? Yes, but what happens if the ball moves? Do you replace the ball to its original position or do you drop the ball?  (Read More)


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