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Sabertooth Versus the Competition

Sabertooth bunker rakes work better, last longer and cost less. 

Compare Quality: All of our rake heads are “injection” molded, which allows us to use the better quality high impact ABS plastic; so, there are no seams to split like the competitors’ “blow” molding manufacturing process.

Compare Design & Performance: Sabertooth rakes can be pushed and pulled in the sand and are reversible. Importantly, the Sabertooth’s level edge body works better in compacted or wet sand,  compared to tapered body of the Accuform Ace II that tend to rake valleys, and it is not reversible. 
Sabertooth VS Competition

Compare Prices: The Sabertooth “Economy” and “Classic” rakes with the same thermoplastic coated 54” handle cost $16.95 and $18.95, compares favorably to the leading competitor’s rakes at $18.50 and $22.00 respectively. And, notably, Sabertooth has no upcharge of $1.00 per rake for orders less than case sizes (25 rakes).

For more information call us at 800 664-3545 or fax us at 866 300-6880. Our website can be found at www.sabertoothgolf.com.

Thanks for giving us a shot at earning your business.

1The rake handles with “End Plug” are ideally suited for golf cars with fixture or sleeve holding the bunker rake handle. 

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